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The “Skills Marketplace” is a core component of MW3’s Ecosystem Enabling Platform (E2P).

The skills marketplace is a key element in building the ecosystem of the m2m/B2B services market.
It is also vital in removing a big hurdle from the way of scaling the m2m/B2B market across the several vertical markets.

This unique online marketplace connects the buyers of m2m/B2B applications, services and devices with qualified and certified candidates (freelancers or systems integrators) that have the knowledge and skills to deploy, install and setup these applications, services and devices.

The E2P Skills Marketplace focuses on eight key categories of skills and capabilities that serve the m2m/B2B vertical industries served by MW3 ecosystem.

The marketplace is fully equipped with tools and features that help job seekers to select the qualified and most suitable providers of the service such as a comprehensive certification program, a rating system for previous services and projects provided through the marketplace, tendering and quoting subsystem and many others.

Skills Marketplace

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