To become a world leader in delivering enabling technologies that helps building scalable efficient online marketplaces.



MW3 commits itself to work with its strategic partners and target customers to develop a profound understanding of emerging telecommunication and IT opportunities, develop innovative, relevant products and services at affordable and transparent prices, while delivering them through efficient infrastructure to our customers with intimacy.



MW3 was established 2013 to provide break through; leading edge technology focused platforms, solutions and services to Mobile Operating Network Providers (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), corporations and consumers.  MW3 platforms, solutions and services are mostly delivered over the cloud infrastructure, tapping into the m2m,  B2B and e-commerce market opportunities and is marketed directly or through our trusted strategic partners (Distributors, Value Added Resellers or Dealers) across our region.

About MW3 1st MW3 is a member of ILA Group’s family of technology ventures.  ILA group is an international organisation investing in and managing existing growing, or promising new ventures in the United States of America or the Middle East focusing on promising opportunities emerging of the third wave of growth with the Telecom and IT industries”.

ILA Group has so far invested in five venture, two in the United States focusing on ground breaking future technologies, and three in Egypt focusing on delivering differentiated services within the Telecom Industry. ILA endeavours to identify highly promising new ventures focused on delivering new technologies or services addressing the upcoming third wave of growth for the Telecom industry, and invest in them either directly or through funds setup with strategic partners and investors.  All ventures selected go through ILA’s Acid tests to guarantee that the opportunity complies with ILA’s strict strategic objectives and future exit strategies.


ILA Group investments includes:

• Beyond Limits  (USA)                     • Red Lambda (USA)          • Mobicom (Egypt)          • Automation (Egypt)            • MW3 (Egypt)



Beyond Limits, a portfolio company of ILA Group, is a technology development and commercialization company that specializes in bringing state-of- the-art technologies into the commercial marketplace. Beyond Limits funds, develops, and inspires high-tech startup companies. As a spin-off entity of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech),the company currently focuses on technologies originally developed for NASA and the US Department of Defense. Initial investment in these technologies amount to over $150M and many years of R&D, enabling Beyond Limits to manage the commercialization process with only a modest additional investment. 

Red Lambda is an innovation company from Florida with 8 awarded patents and 8 more registered pending final award; focused on Cloud Security and Big Data Analytics technologies. Red Lambda offers one unified, seamlessly integrated platform and a suite of bold solutions unlike anything in the industry today. The following capabilities are what make Red Lambda unique:

  • Massive Speed and Scale.

  • Real Time Intelligence.

  • One Seamlessly Integrated Suite of Solutions.

  • Tools that allow Making Sense of the Data.

Mobicom is one of ILA’s ventures totally focusing on delivering Retail and wholesale telecom services in Egypt.
Mobicom is one of the leading franchising partners of ETISALAT Egypt  managing the fully branded franchise on behalf of ETISALAT Egypt. Mobicom have been also a franchise manager for Mobily (the leading mobile operator in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). 

Through a chain of branded shops, warehouses and distribution fleet, modicum is serving a large segment of ETISALAT’s consumers in major cities in Egypt and its suburbs. Mobicom provides to ETISALAT customers all branded services and products that ETISALAT markets, but also provide those customers with unique products of its own such as mobile devices and mobile accessories.

Automation is a leading Egyptian IT consulting, solution developer and systems integrator firm focused on developing and deployment of cloud based applications and services.
Automation has more than 25 years of experience serving the Middle East and African markets with IT core applications and services. Automation is also a regional distributor of cloud based (SaaS) solutions from renowned international companies such as:

  • Smart Solutions.
  • Alcia – Help Desk Solutions.
  • Alterity – Business Management Solutions.

About us 2 MapMW3 Financial Model of operation is mainly based on a periodic licensing and subscription fees that are charged to its distributors, who in turn pass these fees and subscriptions to their final customers with an agreed upon margin with MW3.
MW3 also sources physical devices in bulk on behalf of its partners and sell them at a discounted rate to these partners, whom in turn sell the devices to the final customers at the retail price or on an installment basis depending on the type of service provided.
MW3 Regional Focus is the Middle East and Africa, however in phase one special attention is given to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar.